Four Winds Legacy Society

A special thank you to the current members of The Four Winds Legacy Society.

The Four Winds Legacy Society

A special thank you to the current members of The Four Winds Legacy Society. Your vision, dedication and support of New College are unmatched. Your Legacy gift ensures New College’s ability to provide an excellent education in the liberal arts and sciences for future generations.

Mr. Donald ’66 and Mrs. Sandra Aronoff
Mr. Robert Asprey*
Dr. Esther L. Barazzone ’64
Dr. Margaret L. Bates*
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Benedetti
Mr. Leon* and Mrs. Dorothy Bloom
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Elizabeth Booth
Dr. Michael H. Campbell ’87
Ms. Heidi Boothe*
Mrs. Eugene Bossert
Dr. Raymonda Burgman ’91
Dr. Michael H. Campbell ’87
Louis Carpenter Charitable Fund
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Sharyn Chapman
Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Sheryan Chester
Mrs. Dorothy J. Clark
Ms. Fay Clayton ’64 and Mr. Lowell Sachnoff
Mr. George* and Mrs. Phyllis Collins
Mr. John ’64 and Mrs. Catherine Cranor
Ms. Catherine Jones Davies ’67
Mrs. Ruth E. DeLynn
Ms. Marguerite M. Donnay ’66
Dr. Mary L. Elmendorf
Mr. Elliot Ernest
Mr. Mark ’72 and Mrs. Jennie Famiglio
Mrs. Gloria Freed*
Mr. Cope and Mrs. Anne Garrett
Mr. Chip Gaylor and Mr. Jody Fountain
Mr. Philip* and Mrs. Susanne Geier
Dr. Kay E. Glasser*
Ms. Robin Day Glenn ’65 and Mr. Forrest M. Beeson
Mr. Kenneth “Casey” Green ’69
Dr. Christine L. Hamilton-Hall ’78 and Mr. Malcolm Hall
Mr. John L. Hansen ’76
Ms. Carol L. Hoshall ’77
Dr. Laurence R. Hunt ’67 and Ms. Susan Evenden
Sen. Robert* and Mrs. Patricia Johnson
Mr. William and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jane Kiebitz
Dr. Robert H. Knox, Jr.
Mrs. Beverly L. Koski
Ms. Charlene J. Lenger ’78
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Sandra Levy
Ms. Virginia B. Lyon ’70
Mr. B.F. and Mrs. Mary Meyer*
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Susannah Michalson
Dr. Randall T. Moon ’73 and Ms. Susan Mailheau
Mr. Kevin Mulcahy
Mr. C. William and Mrs. Helene Myers
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Charlene Neal
Mr. J. Robert and Mrs. Lee Peterson
Mr. James W. Pritchard III ’72 and Ms. Elizabeth L. Tucker
Dr. Vicki ’65 and Mr. Charles ‘64 Raeburn
Dr. Sharon’65 and Mr. Craig Ramey
Mrs. Odile Robertson*
Mrs. Edna Y. K. Rogers
Mr. Deane L. Root ’65 and Ms. Doris J. Dyen
Mr. William ’73 and Mrs. Mary Rosenberg
Ms. Mary L. Ruiz ’73 and Mr. Dennis B. Wilkison
Dr. Donald B. Sanderson ’80*
Mr. Samuel D. Sapp ’67
Ms. Felice C. Schulaner ’78 and Mr. Dennis Rees
Dr. David B. Schwartz ’66
Mrs. Ulla R. Searing*
Mr. Mitchell Silverman ’91 and Ms. Becky Katz
Mrs. Randi ‘69 and Mr. David Slaughter
Mrs. Jane T. Smiley
Mr. William Steigerwaldt*
Mr. Akgun T. Temizer
Mr. Thomas H. Towler
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Wall
Mr. William and Mrs. Jean Wallace
Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Elisabeth Waters
Dr. Robert* and Mrs. Lelia Windom
Ms. Susan M. Keating ’77 and Mr. Norman A. Worthington III ’76
Ms. Christine A. Wynne ’70 and Mr. Robert Anderson