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Clubs and Activities

  • Acapellago

    Contacts: Leanna Johnson, Evie Napper

    Acapellago is committed to sharing our love and passion for acapella music with the community!

  • Aikido Club

    Contacts: Caleb Dick, Noah Solomon

    Aikido Club aims to teach students the fundamentals of Tomiki Aikido through weekly meetings with a local sensei. Students can expect to learn concepts in self-defense and proper movements to avoid injury.

  • All Power to the Imagination

    Contacts: API Conference

    All Power to the Imagination (API) provides an opportunity to discuss how theory and practice can work together to create stronger, more successful social movements. We sponsor an academic conference on campus each spring.

  • Anarchy Deathsticks

    Contacts: Alex Johnson, Meagan Ash

    Anarchy DeathSticks is a club where people can get together to knit and/or crochet, or even possibly learn to do either.

  • Animal Interest Club

    Contacts: Olivia Van Housen, Codee Vogler,

    To promote and provide opportunities for volunteering/internships to students in areas of shelter animals, animals of the homeless/displaced/disabled, feral cats, service dogs and wildlife conservation. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Asian/Pacific Islander Student Alliance

    Contacts: Katrina Carlin, Erika Johnson, Thelma Cote

    The NCF Asian/Pacific Islander Student Alliance aims to highlight the diversity of various ethnic groups within the Asian/Pacific Islander community at New College, provide support for API American students, and facilitate events for Asian/Pacific Islander History Month. API Student Alliance Constitution.

  • Audio Drama Production

    Contacts: Laila Kalantari

    The mission of this club is to produce and learn how to write, format, voice-act for, record, and edit radio dramas, audio books and podcasts.

  • Bible Club

    Contacts: Gabriella Elmir

    Bible Club is comprised of students from Christian backgrounds, however anyone is welcome to come. We meet once a week in the GDC for fellowship with other students who believe in the Christian faith. At meetings we normally have a Bible study, listen to Christian music and close in prayer.

    Note: Bible Club is the NEW name for Jesus Club

  • Black Student Union

    Contacts: Paul Loriston, Miles Iton

    “But diversity is neither sustainable nor valuable without a campus culture that welcomes difference and the vigorous exchange of ideas that often conflict.” This is a quote from the NCF Four Year Plan. As an organization, we are working toward building a campus climate that truly feels open and accepting towards its community members of color.

    Our plan is to affect change by creating spaces and hosting events that encourage community members to critically engage with issues of race and identity in their personal lives and in relation to the larger social world.

    Black Student Union has six different subcommittees focusing on different tasks, including one focused on planning Black History Month at New College of Florida.

  • Bull Sharks Dive Club

    Contacts: Yara Rincon, Constance Sartor

    The Bull Sharks dive club strives to offer scuba diving opportunities and education to all New College students, faculty and alumni. We run monthly dive trips to exciting diving locations all over Florida that are open to members of all certification levels and abilities.

    Each semester the Bull Sharks partner with local dive shop, Scuba Quest, to offer introductory diving certification courses at discounted rates. Our goal is to facilitate safe and responsible scuba diving and to explore Florida beneath the waves!

  • Catholic Solidarity

    Contacts: David Bynum, Mellie McCabe, Mackenzie Hite

    The mission of the organization shall be to help members to grow in the knowledge of the Catholic faith and be able to share in fellowship with like-minded individuals.

    • The purpose of the club is to promote solidarity amongst Catholics and persons interested in the Catholic faith.
    • The club is open to Catholics practicing and nonpracticing, and anyone interested in discussion or learning more.
    • The Catholic Solidarity facilitates club meetings and activities, including on-campus Masses, movies and charity work.

    View our Constitution here.

  • Chalk and Awe

    Contacts: Kaelan K. Dean

    To create an environment that makes the pool table better for the school and pool players better for the table.

  • Chaverim

    Contacts: Kris Brzostek, Chelsea Miller

    A student-based and student-run organization focusing on the Jewish faith and customs.

  • Chess & Shogi Club

    Contacts: Noah Johnson, Ben Caldwell

    Developing a campus environment for students to learn and enjoy the games of Chess and Shogi.

  • Cinnamon Club

    Contacts: Susan Hajmohammad, Megan O'Brian

    We will watch various critically acclaimed and cult classic films as well as engage in open-table discussions afterwards. Snacks will be provided or you can bring your own! At the end of each meeting, we will hold a poll for the next week’s feature film.

  • Circle K International

    Contacts: Phoebe Sartori, Ariel Sartori, Jewel Morrison, Hannah Weatherwax

    Developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.

  • College Democrats

    Contacts: Harrison Reid

    The NCF Democrats is the club that advocates and represents the Democratic Party on campus. We work with local, state and national political organizations in order to accomplish change. As well, we frequently attend events and conventions that have exciting guest speakers.

  • Comedy Friends!

    Contacts: Alba Abrams, Austin Gray

    The Comedy Friends are the comedy improv group on campus who strive to create a safe and welcoming space for those who love to laugh and make others laugh in return. We plan to meet twice a week for “rehearsals” composed of playing improv games, and then perform a selection of these games in front of a live New College Audience! Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Council of Green Affairs

    Contacts: Iyanu Corniel

    The Council of Green Affairs is a branch of the New College Student Alliance (NCSA, New College student government) dedicated to making campus more environmentally sustainable. They allocate funds from the Green Fee, a pool of money set aside for students to use on projects related to sustainability.

  • Dance Collective

    Contacts: Eugenia Quintanilla, Rachel Ceciro

    Dance Collective is a showcase program dedicated to student performance and exploration of dance. Students of all experience levels and style interests are welcomed to collaborate, choreograph, dance and help produce a show at the end of each semester for the New College community. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Democracy Matters

    Contacts: Lauren Rodriguez, Lindsay McElroy

    Our mission is to strengthen democracy by: Training young people how to be effective grassroots organizers and advocates, supporting public financing of election campaigns to promote “fair” elections and other pro-democracy reforms.

    View our constitution here!

  • Generation Action

    Contacts: Adilyne McKinlay

    To provide safe, positive and inclusive sexual health education to the students of New College. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • German Club

    Contacts: Connie Miranda

    The German Club is for anyone with an interest in celebrating Germany’s culture. German proficiency is not required. The German Club gets together to watch some good German movies, have German picnics in the beach, and have fun. For those taking German courses, there’s also the chance to get together for a study group. However, the German Club whole purpose is to have fun while enjoying the great culture that Germany has. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Hillel

    Contacts: Elly Bovarnick,

    New College Hillel seeks to facilitate and invigorate Jewish life on campus with weekly events, carpools to services at local synagogues, Birthright trips and many other exciting opportunities.



  • InterACT

    Contacts: Wolly Mason

    NCF InterACT is a group seeking to educate the student body on what Bystander Intervention is, its importance both on and off campus, and how everyone can work to be a better bystander.

  • LatinX Club

    Contacts: Jennyfer Gonzalez

    To combat stereotypes that are perpetuated in our everyday society and to unite all the students on campus who identify as Latinx. You do not have to identify as Latinx or speak Spanish to be a part of this club. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Magic the Gathering at NCF

    Contacts: Joseph Berger , Nickolas Steinig

    Providing a way for people to play Magic on a consistent basis with a good group of people who also enjoy the game.

  • Middle East Interest Club

    Contacts: Loureen Sayej

    Middle East Interest Club is a student-run organization that aims to present Middle Eastern culture, history and politics to the student body.

  • Million Hoodies for Justice

    Contacts: Dajé Austrie, Cabrini Austin, General Club Email

    Million Hoodies is a racial justice membership organization building next-generation leaders to combat racism, mass criminalization and gun violence through grassroots organizing, advocacy and education.

    View our Constitution here.

  • NCF Beach Volleyball Club

    Contacts: Jade Matzen, Eugene (JR) Ayers

    Our goal is to get students to participate in outside activities and to encourage them to work as a team to accomplish certain tasks. The goal is to also allow people to enjoy volleyball outside and to take a break from coursework.

  • NCF Quidditch

    Contacts: Maggie Ferrell

    Quidditch is a mixed-gender contact sport with a unique mix of elements from rugby, dodgeball and tag. A quidditch team is made up of seven athletes who play with brooms between their legs at all times.

  • NCF Shobukan Karate Club

    Contacts: Serena Bonci, Jenny Wheeler

    The Karate Club is a group where students can get exercise, as well as learn self defense under Sensei JR Ayers. All levels are welcome.

  • NCF Super Smash Brothers Club

    Contacts: Thomas Chaffee, Brandon Baufield

    We welcome all smashers across all games regardless of experience! We will always have melee on hand, but if requested, any other smash game can will be reproduced. Yes, This even includes Smash 64!

    The mission of our Organization shall be as follows:

    1. To bring the Smash community together for good wholehearted play, bolstering our skills and techniques.
    2. To draw the interest of new players from across campus.
    3. To attend local and regional smash competitions.
    4. To host campuswide tournaments for this skill-based game.

    View our Constitution here.

  • NCF Table Tennis Club

    Contacts: Eshel Rosen, Daniel McGinnis

    The Mission of New College of Florida Table Tennis Club is to cater to both the casual and competitive elements of table tennis. We plan on trying to develop the club into a competitive entity which can play at the same level as the leading Florida schools, and with enough practice, nationally.

  • NCF Zine Collective

    Contacts: Anya Contreras-García

    Our goal is to create a platform for zine-making and zine-sharing within the New College community and to connect with other zinesters in South Florida. We want to inspire students to express themselves creatively and spread the joy of self-publishing!

    We also organized events such as zine-making workshops and a local zine fair!

    For more info find us on Facebook or Instagram @ncfzinecollective.

  • New Cats Jazz Band

    Contacts: Kevin Howlett, Jerry Stoops

    The New Cats started out as an independent school project, and us youngsters have chosen to keep the jazz tradition alive and kickin’ with new lineups each year.

  • New College ACLU

    Contacts: Mollie Saumier, Eugenia Quintanilla, Jack Belk

    Working to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and the laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country at New College and in the greater Sarasota-Manatee community.

  • New College Biophysical Osteology ‘N Evolution Recreation Society

    Contacts: April Myers, Andrew Paige

    The New College Biophysical Osteology ‘N Evolution Recreation Society exists to perpetuate the exploration of all domains of life.

    From structural elements to biological processes, the diversity of all domains of life, including the evolution and development of biological and macromolecules will be explored and appreciated.

  • New College Carnivorous Plant Society

    Contacts: Julien Baruch

    We hope to create a community of people growing carnivorous plants of all types. The hope is that these growers, with the help of the NCCPS, will trade plants and thus create a thriving and continual community of carnivorous plant growers at NCF.

  • New College of Florida ACM Student Chapter

    Contacts: Courtney Miller, Jennifer Greenberg, Haylee Millar

    We see a world where computing helps solve tomorrow’s problems – where we use our knowledge and skills to advance the profession and make a positive impact.

  • New College of Florida Psychology Club

    Contacts: Savannah Flak, Olivia Lowrey, Professor Steven Graham

    The goal of the Psychology Club is to create an extracurricular space meant for open discussion on engaging topics in the field of psychology. Meetings will include guest presentations, recent research in psychology, as well as discussion. Additional events will include movie nights and group study session before midterms and finals.

    We encourage members to explore alternative schools of thought within psychology and to bring a diverse perspective to all discussions. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • New College of Florida Quiz Bowl Team

    Contacts: Leo Law, Yonathan Stone

    The purpose of this club is to promote curiosity and enjoyment of learning by encouraging interest in trivia and facilitating student participation in trivia competitions such as NAQT and ACF.

  • New College of Florida Racquetball Club

    Contacts: Alexis Jenkins

    The mission of New College of Florida’s Racquetball Club shall be to enhance student’s college experience by providing a fun release, a common bond amongst the community, and a new skill set learning to play racquetball tenaciously, tactically and with integrity.



  • New College of Florida Toastmasters Club

    Contacts: Zulfiia Tursunova

    The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a supportive and encouraging learning environment where each member has the ability to develop their skills as a public speaker and leader, which will foster self confidence and personal growth in the long run.

  • New College Softball Team

    Contacts: Sorin Miller, Sophia Lundeen,

    Our mission is to play slow-pitch softball and have fun.

  • New Radio New College

    Contacts: Aaron Pond, Jackie Lebouitz

    To create, promote and distribute the most compelling, vibrant programming which aligns with the New College values of social justice, innovation and free expression.

  • New Sign

    Contacts: Alexis Pujol, Anna Blood

    New Sign is NCF’s American Sign Language club, we meet to learn and sign together, everyone is welcome, no experience necessary. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • New Travels

    Contacts: Lauren Stockton,

    The mission of the organization shall be to inspire people to travel, create opportunities to travel and foster learning about traveling.

    NewTravels is about traveling. We take two trips per month. One in the Sarasota area and one around Florida. There are lots of exciting things to do and experience right in our own backyard.

    Sign Up!

  • Novo Strength

    Contacts: James Nunez, Dimitri Angelov

    NovoStrength promotes general health and fitness through strength sports and conditioning in an inclusive and safe manner.

    Club Objectives

    • Promote general health and fitness through the strength sports, i.e., general lifting, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, StrongMan lifts
    • Raise New College morale by holding events and motivating students
    • Removing the intimidation, stereotypes and misinformation behind lifting
    • Empower students by promoting an easy-to-progress athletic activity
    • Make strength sports and lifting in general more inclusive of all people
    • Provide a safe and fun introduction to lifting form, technique and programming
    • Create an environment for trainees to exercise and lift regardless of lifting ability and experience
    • Eventual creation of a strength sport team
    • Platform for self-improvement and helping everyone reach their fitness goals.

    Club Happenings

    • Open house group lifting sessions at the Fitness Center
    • Regular weekly form/programming/technique tutorials at the Fitness Center
    • Biweekly/monthly club meetings to discuss training and general health and nutrition topics
    • Helping each other draft and meet our strategic development plan
  • Pollination Ecology Club

    Contacts: Reed Barry, Evan Teal, Jackie Lebouitz

    Our primary goal is to create and maintain pollinator-friendly habitats on campus. This includes planting and managing wildflower plots and building nesting sites for solitary bees. Our secondary goal is to inform the New College community about the importance of native pollinators by creating signs, flyers and other media with general information on our native Florida pollinators and how our installations are meant to help them. This club is part of the requirements for becoming a certified Bee Campus. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Pre-Med Club

    Contacts: Kelly South, Yvenord Mergilles

    Providing a community and support group for pre-med students at New College that will promote the pursuit of medicine for anyone interested.

  • Pre-Vet Club

    Contacts: Sara Sheffer, Lauren Rodriguez

    Learn about veterinary school, learn the admissions process, volunteer, prepare for the GRE, hear from speakers in different veterinary careers and support fellow pre-vet students. We can do it!

  • Queery

    Contacts: Wolly Mason, Elliot Gardner

    Queery serves to maintain New College as a safe place for LGBTQ+ identified individuals and their allies to socialize and engage with the larger community. Membership is open to any New College student, and all events are, likewise, open to all.

    Each semester, Queery officers plan and execute three large-scale events for the New College community (one off-campus speaker, one intersectional workshop, and one wall), as well as various small-scale events; however, any member may approach any officer at any time to propose an event, large- or small-scale, and the officers will work with them to see that the idea comes to fruition. In this sense, the officers serve both to plan events for members, and as resources for the members to plan events. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Resources Aren’t Waste (RAW)

    Contacts: Ella Denham-Conroy

    Our club aims to reduce the amount of waste created on the New College campus with respect to personal waste and waste created by dining services and other campus organizations or events. We will try to make it easier for organizations/events to create less waste and utilize more sustainable alternatives over methods that create trash. We will spread awareness of why reducing your waste is such an important concept for society today and how individuals can make a difference by doing their part.

  • Seeds of Hope/Semillas de Esperanza

    Contacts: Ximena Pedroza, Anya Maria Contreras Garcias

    We are an organization that aspires to provide a safe welcoming environment to the community. We aspire to build a bridge within New College and the outside community. This organization will also seek out to build a bridge between our students and future first generation college students around Florida.

    View our constitution here.

  • Soccer Club

    Contacts: Rozana Jaber - Coordinator & Player, Diana Tarazi - Coordinator & Player, Lawrence Gonzalez - Coordinator

    Our mission as New College Soccer Club is to foster the interest of students at participating in the game of soccer. The aim is to enhance the tactical and technical ability of players by having a coach who will offer training and expertise as well as promote the important values of teamwork, self-confidence and athleticism. This club will provide both recreational and competitive game atmospheres.

    View the Constitution here. Play ball!

  • STEM Journal Club

    Contacts: Gina Vazquez

    STEM Journal Club is focused on learning, sharing and spreading credible, peer-reviewed, scientific knowledge with the goal of increasing scientific literacy amongst ourselves and our community in a fun and engaging way.  We value the importance of professional and community outreach and strive to serve as a friendly resource to all students.

  • STEMfemme

    Contacts: Haley Bryan, Hana Arraya, Ella White

    STEMfemme is a club that aims to provide a supportive and collaborative group for students intending to pursue a career the field of either science, technology, engineering or the maths while maintaining a femme emphasis.

  • Student Coalition for Combating Homelessness & Poverty

    Contacts: Jessie Sinitch,

    The Student Coalition for Combating Homelessness & Poverty’s mission is to mitigate the presence of homelessness and poverty both on and off of the New College of Florida campus. With group participation, we hope to spread awareness about the gravity of homelessness while also holding fundraisers and volunteering for noble organizations that combat homelessness and poverty. The coalition is always looking for new voices and input, as the club is collective in its nature. Please feel free to email if you would like to be placed on the club’s email list to have vital club information regarding meeting times and future plans.

  • Students for Liberty

    Contacts: Elias Latimer, Brendan Legel

    Students for Liberty promotes discussion and upholding Western values pertaining to individualism, community service, entrepreneurship and free-market economic principles. To better ourselves in order to better the community is our mission. View our Constitution here: New College of Florida Students For Liberty.

  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy

    Contacts: Hannah Procell

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities but are also acutely aware of the damage that the war on drugs has on our society.

    It was sparked by racism and classism, it damages the lives of millions of consenting, nonviolent adults by throwing them into the prison-industrial system rather than offering them valuable medical help, and contributes to the militarization of police forces and increasingly problematic interactions between police officers and citizens.

    We recognize the need for change in the face of all of this and thus SSDP helps mobilize and empower young people to participate in the political process and push for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth. We also spread awareness about applying harm-reduction principles through peer support methods in our community. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Students Targeting Oppressive Powers

    Contacts: Emily Anne King,

    STOP, through education and advocacy, is working toward social and economic justice on our campus and in our greater community. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • Swim Club

    Contacts: Alexis Pujol, JR Ayers

    The mission of the New College of Florida Swim Club is to promote exercise, health and foster camaraderie through weekly swim practices. We intend to do this by providing a safe, enjoyable and well-organized program available to all New College students.

  • Swing Dance Club

    Contacts: Tyler Parke

    The club is committed to promoting the swing and vintage jazz dances through dancing instruction, creating safe and fun dance spaces on campus, and providing students with the opportunity to learn a physical activity that will be available to them throughout their lives.

  • Table Top Games

    Contacts: Jess Reckmeyer

    Every week we organize table top game sessions, with games like D&D, Magic, Munchkin, Flux and Betrayal. We’re always welcoming new players!

  • Tennis Club

    Contacts: Rory Renzy, Hugo Stockton

    Tennis Club is a club designed to give exercise and effective tennis lessons to players of all levels, to create a inclusive community based around tennis, and to create a competitive college tennis team.

  • The CKI Club of New College of Florida

    Contacts: Ariel Sartori, Jewel Morrison, Hannah Weatherwax

    Our club is a service club which performs a range of activities which help the community and the state. We have three tenets: service, fellowship and leadership. Click here to view this club’s registration information.

  • The Film Club

    Contacts: Dannie Pritchard, Charlie Leavengood

    The goal of the Film Club is to expand our repertoire of films, discuss the filmmaking and creative process behind such films, and eventually try to make some short films ourselves after learning about the aspects of filmmaking such as screenwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, acting, directing, filming, post-production, scoring, distribution and marketing.

  • The Fun Guys (NCF Mycology Club)

    Contacts: Jackie Lebouitz

    We Fun Guys find the world of mushrooms to be an incredibly fascinating one. From ecological restoration to use in art, cuisine, science, and medicine — there is no doubt that fungi really does it all. This club intends to explore all of these realms in interdisciplinary ways, including forays at local parks and connecting with the broader mycological community through attending lectures and events at other institutions.

  • Trans Party

    Contacts: Elliot Gardner, Wolly Mason

    To provide a safe space for trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, gender nonconforming, gender variant and questioning individuals. We provide a support group/system for individuals at New College of Florida.

  • Windmill Theatre Company

    Contacts: Emma Kervel,

    The Windmill Theatre Company is a producing organization that shall promote teamwork in the New College theatre community, promote positive interest and visibility for the theatre within the New College community and the Sarasota area, and work to gain funding for theater at New College.

    The Windmill Theatre Company is an inclusive club which assists students in producing theatrical performances. We welcome all interested students to our events each semester and and provide performance opportunities for New College students.