What's Next?

Graduating in 2018? Your future starts now. Enroll in one of these tuition-free options offered through New College's What's Next program.

Next-Level Programs for New College Graduates

Enroll in one of these tuition-free options this summer or fall.

Graduating in 2018? Looking for a job? Undecided about graduate school? Your future starts now. Enroll in one of these tuition-free options offered through New College’s What’s Next program.

Summer 2018

Career Success: Get Ahead for What’s Next

The staff in the Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity (CEO), offers this course to provide you with essential skills necessary to prepare you for the world of work. In this course you will learn the eight career competencies and practice several essential career readiness skills such as:

  • Employer targeting
  • Job search strategies
  • Professional networking for various workplace environments
  • Professional LinkedIn page and personal branding through the LinkedIn lab and electronic portfolio development
  • Successful interviewing techniques

You will practice these easy to use real-world career skills to help you lay the groundwork to enhance your career management plan, help you secure your job post-graduation and become successful in your new career.
For more information, email: ceo@ncf.edu

Coral Reef Issues: Cayos Cochinos in Honduras

Registration now closed for 2018.
In this study abroad program, you will travel to the coral reef off of the coast of Honduras in Cayos Cochinos to join a scientific team studying the reef. You can also explore the surrounding communities to get a feel for Garifun culture on Chachuate and at East Village. Reef environments provide the opportunity to understand how the land and ocean environments are connected. You will learn about general ecology of reefs while participating in projects that use underwater photography and field collection techniques. You can choose from projects focused on areas such as coral disease, octopus behavior and distribution, crustacean behavior, and invertebrate distribution.
For more information, email: gilchrist@ncf.edu.

Fall 2018

Contact the Office of the Provost at provost@ncf.edu for information on tuition reimbursement for one of these courses.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teacher Preparation

Interesting in teaching? This post-baccalaureate certificate program at State College of Florida provides professional preparation for those who seek an approved alternative route to Florida teaching certification. The certificate program provides rigorous instruction in creating a safe learning environment in P-12 classrooms, effective instructional planning and strategies for teaching diverse learners including those with disabilities, applying research-based instructional practices to reading in disciplines, instruction of English Language Learners, and using assessment data to inform instruction.

Certificate Programs

The State College of Florida offers a wide range of professional certificates including: Graphic Design, Digital Publishing, Network Infrastructure, Biotechnology, Alternative Energy and more.

Support for Graduate or Professional School

The Office of the Provost will cover the cost of tuition for one class offered by an accredited graduate or professional school. Please confer with the Office of the Provost to determine course eligibility