Summer 2017 Aid, Costs

Financial aid and cost estimates for the 2017 summer course.

2017 Summer Course costs

Summer Program 2017 Estimated tuition
and fees for 1 unit
(equivalent to 4 credit hours)
Estimated additional required costs
(transportation to Honduras,
housing/facility with meals)
Estimated Total
FL Resident — $768.40 $2,500 $3,268.40
Out-of-state — $3,327.16 $2,500 $5,827.16

Pell Grant options

If you are a current, degree-seeking New College of Florida undergraduate student, and you are eligible for Pell Grant funds in 2017-2018, you may request to apply Pell funding toward enrollment in the 2017 NCF Summer Program. (Federal student loans are not available for enrollment in fewer than 6 credit hour equivalents.)

To receive 2017-18 Pell Grant funds for the NCF Summer Program, you must:

  • have filed your 2017-18 FAFSA
  • be determined eligible for a Pell Grant (per your 2017-18 FAFSA)
  • be willing to draw on your Fall/Spring Pell funds to help pay for your Summer Program cost of attendance

As always with federal aid:

  • you must meet the requirements of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Purposes (measured after each term)
  • if you were picked for verification or other FAFSA follow-up requirements, those requirements must be complete before any funds can be disbursed

If you are interested in enrolling in the 2017 NCF Summer Program, and have been determined eligible for a 2017-2018 Pell Grant, please contact our Assistant Director of Financial Aid at to discuss planning to apply a portion of your annual Pell funds toward the summer semester.